Network Management

The role of the network manager with global custodians , broker-dealers, asset managers , pension funds and other financial institutions has changed dramatically in recent years .

The tasks of the network manager habe greatly expanded. Previously they consisted mainly of tasks like :

  • Selecting a supplier in a new or existing market
  • Periodic monitoring of a network of agents and global  custodians based on policy , risk and cost
  • Monitor and escalate operational issues with ​​a network of agents and global custodians

Due to major changes in business opportunities and regulatory pressure you see that network management has expanded to play a critical role in various areas such as :

  • Operational management to create more efficiency and more transparency
  • Identify business opportunities and explore these
  • First line of defence to mitigate the exposure to external service providers to reduce risk

Good network management requires control and co-ordination of :

  •  All static data from local agents , custodians and market
  •  Information and insight about each market and the locally applicable clearing and settlement models
  •  Standard procedures for the selection and monitoring of local agents and global custodians
  •  Effective tariff negotiations
  • Control of rates and tax rates
  • Commercial opportunities


In order to prevent potential loss of proprietary and client positions , data , potentially incorrect data , damage to reputation is an effective understanding of the markets in which you operate is essential .

Regulatory Burden

Regulation has become significantly more complex in recent years. Such as the introduction of AIFMD , UCITS V , FATCA , EMIR , AIFMD

– The requirements in terms of documentation , processing and reporting pose new challenges for the organization . The implementation and operation requires specialist knowledge .

We can add value to your organization through insight into local markets by monitoring, information processing , responding to changes in legislation, political situation and economy or explore new opportunities for your organisation.

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Network Management as a Service